Should you buy a pet during the lockdown?

The gift-giving season has is over but like clockwork will return, and for many children (and adults), a cute, snuggly dog or cat is on the list of what they are wishing for. Even though we know that dogs and cats aren’t staring at a calendar lamenting their holiday plans, there is something especially festive and heartwarming about giving a home to an animal over the holidays, especially if it means getting them out of a shelter.

Well into spring we’re into the Covid-19 lockdown where many will be seeking a pet for companionship. For many countries purchasing pets during the lockdown have either slowed down or the rules tightened,

The key to adding a new pet to your life the right way, is by being prepared — not just on the day you bring your new animal home, but for every day after. A pet is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Remember that purchasing a pet is a long-term commitment, however with pets they rely upon a consistent lifestyle of commitment which frankly after the lockdown has been lifted will change for us all – including your furry companion. Below you’ll find tips on what to consider before getting a new dog or cat at any time of the year, and how best to prepare for your new pet!

Pros of Getting a Dog or Cat for the lockdown or during the holidays

More Time to Dedicate to a New Pet

One of the biggest pros to bringing a new pet into your family around the lockdown or holidays is that, generally speaking, people have more time off from work and/or school. So as long as you aren’t traveling, and don’t have a bunch of company coming to stay with you, there is more time to shop for supplies, start forming strong bonds, get going on training, and of course, continue their socialisation. However, with the lockdown brings much uncertainty and with any longterm purchase you need to be in the drivers seat as much as possible of certainty,

It Gets the Whole Family Involved

The lockdown or holidays may present a great time to positively introduce pet ownership and the responsibility that entails – that’s if you are able to in fact interact with the rest of your family members and friends. Instead of gifting the actual dog or cat on during the holidays or points of loneliness during the lockdown, print out a certificate and include it in a gift basket that has some supplies they’ll need for caring for their new pet for when the time is right. This way they can take some time to prepare for their responsibilities and, even more importantly, be involved in choosing the new dog or cat! After all, “ALL” lives matter!

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